15th July 2020

Product Spotlight – MODSEC

Product Description

MODSEC is the new revolution in adaptive physical security and is a concrete modular solution for projects. As an adaptive security measure, it provides a true deterrent against attack and can be installed either at ground level or fitted as a trench system.


  • RC40/50XF equivalent
  • Cement content: 360kg/m3.
  • Cement type: CEM1 52.2N
  • Designed with working life of 100 years as per BSEN1990:2002+A1:2005.
  • Suitable for use in XF4 conditions in BS 8500-1:2003

Target Audience for MODSEC

The CLD Fencing Systems MODSEC solution is great for those looking for an adaptive security concept that’s versatile, allowing it to meet specific needs for changing threats. From high profile sites, data centre and MoD projects to government premises; CLD’s MODSEC design could help keep your sites safe and secure.


Standout Features

  • Can be installed either at ground level or as a trench system, and its modular design allows installation on flat or gradient grounds.
  • The ability to mount any of our range of rigid mesh fencing systems so any level of security can be achieved.
  • Features an in-built channel for wires to be installed under the MODSEC system. Meaning installation of CCTV, PIDS and/or any other electronic detection devices can be carried out at the same time, increasing your level of security.
  • MODSEC can also be used with Solid Hoarding if required or used as a stand-alone vehicle deterrent for ground deployment.
  • Additionally, this system is not designed as a temporary measure, it can still be relocated or upgraded in security if threat levels shift.
  • The blocks can be buried under ground, acting as a pre-cast foundation. This ensures the end client has a foundation that is to a guaranteed grade, mass and specification; with no wet works carried out on site. This foundation size and specification will work in any ground condition, particularly well on sites where ground conditions are unknown or varied.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Quick and Easy to Install?

Yes, the system is in essence foundation free, meaning the blocks can be placed, either manually or with a machine, onto  a compacted surface.

2. How do I Change the Direction of This System?

The MODSEC range also includes a hinged corner in pre-cast to match the inter blocks, meaning any required angle can be achieved for you.

3. Is my Security Rating Effected if I use an SR fence with Modsec?

CLD Fencing Systems have guaranteed the MODSEC system is tested and certified to carry SR3 fencing (C5).

Frequently Asked Questions

4. Why Would I Choose the Modsec System Over a Traditional Security Fence?

MODSEC is a great system to choose because of its speedy installation, complete flexibility and can accommodate a C5 fence (up to 4.0m) without any need for foundation or ground penetration. It’s perfect for sites with a large number of services below ground level, or for adaptive security requirements on sites and projects that are subject to change at short notice.

5. How Much does a Block Weigh?

The MODSEC blocks weigh 650kg, meaning a block is simple and easy to relocate.

6. Can I Choose a Different Finish?

The simple answer is yes. If the traditional concrete look isn’t for you, we can offer a range of finishes and colours for the blocks to choose from.

MODSEC is a very versatile system with its zero ground strike and lightweight nature, installation is quick and easy. It incorporates a lot of features, and one benefit to MODSEC is the void below the blocks allowing for services to run along the fence line whilst being hidden. Overall this system is very adaptable and can be used in many different circumstances to suit your next project.

       Shaun Leedham, R&D Manager at CLD Fencing Systems

MODSEC is a great system for those in need of adaptive security without compromising on the level of security it offers. With its complete versatile nature, allowing for fencing, hoarding to be installed or used as a standalone vehicle deterrence, it offers high security projects the confidence and reassurance of a protected perimeter.

You can find out more information on our MODSEC range by emailing info@cld-fencing.com.