LPS1175 SR1 Fencing

13th September 2017

LPS1175 SR1 Fencing Wales

Wales Air Ambulance kept secure thanks to LPS1175 SR1 Fencing.

A brand-new purpose-built headquarters and airbase for Wales Air Ambulance has benefited from CLD Fencing Systems Securus LPS1175 SR1 Fencing system at Llanelli Gate, Dafen. For the first time in 15 years, the site sees both the headquarters and the helicopter stationed on the same site.

LPS1175 SR1 Fencing

Wales Air Ambulance Chief Executive, Angela Hughes, said “To build a permanent home marks a new chapter for the charity, and it’s thanks to kind donations from people across Wales that we have been able to do this.

The airbase has been custom built to withstand the rigors of air ambulance operations; providing the latest technology and facilities for the stationed aircrew. With such a large investment in the future it was vital that the site received a similar level of protection from its physical perimeter security systems.

LPS1175 SR1 Fencing

Offering LPS1175 SR1 protection with a guaranteed delay time, the Securus SR1 fencing system was selected as the first choice on the project. Designed and manufactured in Cheshire, the LPS1175 SR1 Fencing system can withstand attacks from a dedicated set of attack tools and delay entry to any site that it is protecting.

Ms Hughes continued, “We are still calling for support for the Airbase Appeal throughout the summer, while we complete the site. We hope to soon welcome people to come and see our new home, as soon as the crew have settled in.

For further information on Wales Air Ambulance or how to assist those with fund raising please visit – http://www.walesairambulance.com/